Auburn University Faculty Awards

Auburn University Faculty Awards

2015-16 Research Advisory Board Advancement of Research and Scholarship Achievement Award

Recognizes high quality, competitive research and scholarly activity that exemplifies and advances Auburn’s research and scholarship mission.

Geoffrey E. Hill, Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, College of Sciences and Mathematics

PhD, Biology; 1991 – University of Michigan
MS, Biology; 1986 – University of New Mexico
BS, Biology; 1983 – Indiana University

Portrait image of Geoffrey E. Hill

“By awarding this highest research honor to a professor focused exclusively on understanding basic principles of nature, Auburn University shows a sincere commitment to basic research in the life sciences.” Geoffrey E. Hill, an ornithologist and professor, came to Auburn in 1993. He has served as major professor to 30 graduate students who have earned doctoral and master’s degrees from Auburn. Hill was recently awarded the William Brewster Memorial Award for lifetime achievement in ornithological research. Other honors include the Southeastern Conference Faculty Achievement Award and Auburn’s Creative Achievement Award. Hill’s research focus is the nature of eukaryotic species and the process of speciation towards a better understanding of female mate choice for ornamental traits. Hill is co-editor on two scholarly volumes on bird coloration, as well as author of three books: A Red Bird in a Brown Bag, Ivorybill Hunters, and most recently, National Geographic Bird Coloration. He has published more than 230 journal articles on the behavior, evolution, and conservation of birds, with more than half on bird coloration.