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Auburn University has numerous stories to tell. Faculty expertise, new programs, student-driven functions, major events and outreach initiatives all have the potential for news media attention. The Office of Communications and Marketing works directly with newspapers, magazines and television and radio stations throughout the state, the nation and the world.

If a reporter finds sources at Auburn knowledgeable on relevant topics and willing to provide prompt assistance, the reporters are likely to call those Auburn sources regularly. Faculty members or administrators benefit because their expertise and points of view are shared with a broader audience, and Auburn's image is enhanced by presentation of useful information and ideas.

Our website, How to Make the Most of Media Opportunities, will help faculty and administrators gain an understanding of how we interact with members of the media to get stories out. More importantly, it will help our campus experts take advantage of an opportunity to speak to the media. Topics include what to do when a reporter calls, tips for interviews, tips for television, "off the record" and others. Please visit this site, and contact us at 844-9999 with any questions.

Last updated: 02/02/2017