Dr. Steven Leath outside Samford Hall
Auburn Inspires Me.

"As Auburn's president, I am continuously inspired by the creative power of our faculty and their genius for innovation. I’m inspired by their collegial and collaborative spirit, a spirit that is not afraid of pushing boundaries and asking why. They, like Auburn, are not satisfied with the status quo, and their endeavors to connect their research and scholarship efforts with the broader innovation landscape are changing lives and communities. Auburn faculty are making a transformative mark on our future—and that is inspiring."

President Steven Leath

Auburn takes student leadership to new heights
Kevin Moore
2017 Alumni Undergraduate Teaching Excellence Award

"The greatest influence on me has been a series of exceptional teachers. These mentors provided a shortcut to understanding how architecture makes ideas appear in the world. Because I try every day to pass on to my students the profound influence of my own teachers, I am greatly honored and humbled to receive this award."

Auburn is expanding its role as a partnership university by advancing impactful and transformative research and scholarship
Mona El-Sheikh
2017 Research and Economic Development Advisory Board Advancement of Research and Scholarship Achievement Award

"I am grateful to all of my collaborators, the faculty, administrators, students, and support personnel at Auburn for the innumerable ways they have contributed to my research projects over the years. I am always gratified that when I receive reviews of grant proposals, the “Research Environment” category is one I am always confident will be rated highly".

Auburn is elevating its active engagement with the State of Alabama
Henry W. Kinnucan
2017 Distinguished Graduate Faculty Lectureship

"The primary focus of my research is the effects of public policies on agricultural prices, production, trade, the environment, and economic welfare. The public policies examined include generic advertising, antidumping duties, state and federal subsidies for K-12 education, and subsidies for grassland protection. My recent research examines the effect of aquaculture on fish prices worldwide."

Auburn graduates are expanding their distinguished reputation in the marketplace
Scott McElroy
2017 New Alumni Professor

"One thing I love about being a professor at Auburn is the fact I am leaving a legacy. Students in my department have taken my Principles of Weed Science class for 10 years, and it is thoroughly enjoyable to me to hear past students commiserate with current students or students from different years regarding the enjoyment (difficulty) of the class. To know I am creating this shared experience (misery) that students have throughout my career at Auburn is very rewarding. I feel by being an effective teacher, I am helping create greater connection to the university, thus deepening their connection as alumni."

Auburn continues to broaden its commitment to diversity and inclusion
Robert S. Boyd
2017 New Alumni Professor

"I like Auburn’s family-oriented philosophy. The university works hard to create a caring and responsible relationship within and between its faculty and students. Its setting, as a big university in a relatively small town, is conducive to a high-quality lifestyle and also provides a diversity of experiences and cultures."

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