Auburn University Faculty Awards

Auburn University Faculty Awards

Auburn University's Departmental Award for Excellence in Education

Presented by the University Senate, this award recognized the efforts of departmental faculty for their commitment to improving education at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Department of Biosystems Engineering, Samuel Ginn College of Engineering

Biosystems engineers focus on finding ways to provide healthy and plentiful food, clean water, renewable fuel and energy sources, and an environment that will sustain future generations.

The Department of Biosystems Engineering teaches students in the focus areas of biological systems engineering, ecological engineering, forest engineering, bioenergy and biobased products, food engineering, production and process engineering, and automation and off-highway vehicles.

Department Faculty:

  • Steven Taylor, Professor and Department Head, and Director of the Bioenergy and Bioproducts Center
  • Sushil Adhikari, Alumni Associate Professor
  • William Batchelor, Professor
  • David Blersch, Assistant Professor
  • Gisela Buschle-Diller, Professor
  • Jesse Campbell, Extension Specialist, National Poultry Technology Center
  • Jeremiah Davis, Associate Professor and Associate Director, National Poultry Technology Center
  • James Donald, Professor and Interim Director National Poultry Technology Center
  • Mark Dougherty, Associate Professor
  • Oladiran Fasina, Alumni Professor
  • Jasmeet Lamba, Assistant Professor
  • Timothy McDonald, Professor
  • Puneet Srivastava, Professor and Butler-Cunningham Eminent Scholar, and Director of the Auburn University Water Resources Center
  • Yifen Wang, Professor
  • Yi Wang, Assistant Professor