Auburn Stories

A child laying in bed

Renowned sleep expert Mona El-Sheikh, the Leonard Peterson & Co. Inc. Professor in Auburn University’s College of Human Sciences, has been working over 20 years to unravel lingering questions about children’s sleep: a topic that piqued her interest, in part, because of sleep’s primacy in our lives.

December 08, 2023

Salisa Westrick stands in her office

Pharmacy's Salisa Westrick received $1 million in funding from the CDC to address immunization inequities and disparities through community pharmacies.

December 07, 2023

Cam Tice reviewing data on computer with notepad

Marshall Scholarship winner Cameron Tice reviews data from his work with individuals suffering with substance abuse.

December 07, 2023

A large mouth bass

The unusually high mortality rate of largemouth bass across all stages of production makes it a challenge for farmers to raise this fish for profit. Researchers at Auburn University hope to expand production of largemouth bass in Alabama and the U.S. by solving the problem of high mortality rates.

December 07, 2023

A man looks on as a woman signs a document

Auburn’s Tigers United recently signed a IMOU with India’s Forest College and Research Institute Hyderabad to promote tiger conservation through student scholarship, thus furthering the mission of the Tigers United University Consortium.

December 07, 2023