Plenty of chicken wings available for Super Bowl LVII

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Nothing goes together quite like chicken wings and the Super Bowl. This tasty snack will be in high demand for this year’s big game. Fortunately, those who enjoy chicken wings will find them not only in large supply, but also at a cheaper price than past years. Wings are currently at the lowest wholesale prices of the decade—enticing everyone to get in on the value.

Dennis Brothers, an Alabama Cooperative Extension System associate professor, specializes in farm and agribusiness management, specifically poultry. He has conducted research on the commercial poultry industry since the COVID-19 pandemic’s influence on the national market. Brothers offers his expertise on poultry market trends and fluctuation during this time, as well as what consumers should expect at local supermarkets.

How do chicken wing prices compare to recent years after COVID-19 hit the industry?

Prices for chicken wings in 2021 and early 2022 were at all-time highs during the COVID-19 pandemic. At-home demand for wings was high, and inventory was low, but prices have plummeted below prices in previous years. This was the result of companies responding to a large demand and higher prices of chicken in 2022.

Where do chicken wing prices sit currently just before Super Bowl LVII?

Chicken wings are currently at the lowest wholesale prices of this decade so far. Currently, the national average price for wings is approximately 90 cents per pound. This is a big change compared to where we were near the middle of 2021, when wings sold at a wholesale value of nearly $3.40 per pound.

What caused the price change in chicken wings?

It has been caused by the process of supply and demand. Every bird came with two wings, or four wing pieces: two ‘drumettes’ and two ‘flats.’ The exorbitant price for wings in 2021 had decreased the overall demand for them—specifically during 2022—and resulted in a glut of wings in frozen inventory and a drastic drop in price.

How long are the current market values for wings expected to last?

This year’s big game should reflect a greater amount of chicken wing sales thanks to the price adjustment. If inventory reduces, prices could be slightly higher in time for another popular sporting event, the NCAA basketball tournaments. Super Bowl demand, which quickly precedes March Madness, may reduce the inventory of wings enough to push the prices back in line with past averages. However, I do not expect a price increase anywhere similar to what was seen in the last two years.

What can we expect at our local Super Bowl events?
If you’re like me, the good news is that there will be more wings at the Super Bowl party. If you don’t remember anything else about last year’s game, you might remember that the country’s number one finger food for the event—chicken wings—was in short supply and a very expensive snack. So, get the bleu cheese dressing ready and enjoy.

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