Office of Affirmative Action/ Equal Employment Opportunity reviewing ADA accommodation requests

Published: April 27, 2021

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In alignment with the university’s policies regarding COVID-19, the Office of Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity, or AA/EEO, is discontinuing the COVID-19 accommodation request process. Employees previously granted accommodations through this process should return to campus on May 4 unless they qualify for an ADA accommodation.

Individuals who need accommodations for an ADA-qualifying disability should fill out the Employee Accommodation Request Form, have their treating medical practitioner complete the Disability Verification Form and return both forms via email or fax at 334-844-4793. Once both forms are received, individuals will be contacted by the Office of AA/EEO. Forms that were not received by the previously stated deadline of April 26, 2021, will still receive full consideration. Individuals who plan to submit accommodations requests are encouraged to contact the office promptly to help expedite the process.

For more information, email the Office of AA/EEO or call 334-844-4794.