Soil Replacement, Feb. 24, 2011

Oaks Update, Feb. 24, 2011Landscape Services replaced soil in the beds excavated the previous day. Clean top soil was acquired from a local source. The process to replace the soil included adding additional activated charcoal in between layers of soil hand shoveled into place. Hand shoveling allowed us to place soil more accurately and insure the fines were agitated into the open spaces not necessarily visible. Holes were cut into the protective plastic tents for access, but we kept the basic structure in place to reduce the amount of charcoal dust that would carry in the air and be deposited on the plaza and elsewhere. Once the soil was placed, raked and settled by means of agitation, we watered the site to further settle the new soil into any remaining voids. As expected, soaking did settle the grade line and additional soil was brought in.

The final step was the addition of clean pine bark to the beds. This serves multiple purposes, key ones being to retain the moisture, to add weight to aide in the settling and to dress the beds so the final appearance looks professional. The beds were then enclosed with protective barricades to lessen compaction of the soil in the beds.

Last Updated: Apr. 9, 2012

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