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With cases of monkeypox in the U.S. and across the globe increasing – a third case of the infectious disease was confirmed in Georgia on Friday – there are a number of questions regarding what the disease is, how it is transmitted, who is vulnerable and how it is treated. Marilyn Bulloch, associate clinical professor in the Harrison College of Pharmacy’s Department of Pharmacy Practice, provides comments on what is known about the virus.


Dairy farmers are having to adapt to changing market conditions, in addition to the normal hard work required in the profession. Dr. Manuel Chamorro, associate professor of farm animal medicine in Auburn University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, comments on the dairy industry in the current economic conditions and how veterinary students help operate the college’s on-campus dairy. June is National Dairy Month.


A detection tool designed to search for potentially deadly space rocks revealed more than 100 previously unknown asteroids, according to a report released by the Asteroid Institute. Using an open-source, cloud-based system, an algorithm links points of light consistent with orbits of asteroids from reams of archival night sky images.


Parents and caregivers have been struggling for months to deal with a national shortage of baby formula. A number of factors, including workforce, transportation and raw material shortages brought on by the pandemic, have made formula hard to find. When Abbott, one of the four major formula manufacturers in the United States, recalled some of its products and closed a manufacturing plant because of possible contamination, the situation got much worse. President Joe Biden launched Operation Fly Formula, now in its third trip, to bring formula to the U.S. from Europe.


Glenn Richey, the Raymond J. Harbert Eminent Scholar and chair of the Department of Supply Chain Management in Auburn University’s Harbert College of Business, comments on record gas prices and how the Biden administration needs to work with the oil and gas industry to lower the price and to expand alternative energy sources.