Coach Ralph 'Shug' Jordan remembered in exhibit at Ralph Brown Draughon Library

Published: September 24, 2015
Updated: September 29, 2015
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An exhibit opens this weekend in the Ralph Brown Draughon Library marking the 40th anniversary of the retirement of Auburn head coach James Ralph "Shug" Jordan. A display of artifacts reflecting Jordan's life and career will be open to the public during all regular library hours and will be available through the 2015 football season.

Over his six decade association with Auburn, Jordan was a multi-sport athlete, a coach and a trustee for the university.

The exhibit was the brainchild of reference librarian Todd Shipman, who said "It really seemed the right time to have an exhibit on Shug Jordan. He left the head coach position 40 years ago and I think it is time to remind people of what he did for the university and its football program."

Jordan is still the most successful football coach in Auburn's history, with an impressive record of 176 wins, 83 losses and 6 ties. Head coach from 1951 to 1975, Jordan took Auburn to its first national championship and saw many of his players earn prestigious awards and go on to careers in professional sports.

Shipman partnered with special collections librarian Greg Schmidt to create the exhibit. Schmidt has brought out such prized artifacts as a 1957 championship game ball signed by Jordan and the team, pages from a Jordan play book and a Glomerata from 1932 – Jordan's graduating year – from the Special Collections and Archives Department vaults.

"We really want to show the depth of Jordan's contribution to Auburn," Schmidt said. "He was one of the greatest Auburn alumni – athlete, soldier, coach and trustee – and he also steered the football program through desegregation. His contribution to the university cannot be overstated."

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