Jonah Enfinger

Day Job:
I get to fall in love with Auburn every single day. I photograph the day-to-day life of Auburn and have the amazing opportunity to capture and tell Auburn’s stories through photographs. Our job at Auburn Photographic Services is to capture the wonder and wonderfulness of Auburn as well as the achievements of our great body of faculty, staff, and students.

Favorite Auburn Experience:
I’m just finishing my first year on the Plains. And in just in my first year I have made so many great memories: enjoying the Holi Festival with our international students, being on top of the Samford Bell Tower with Aurea, spending time with Aubie and being 80 feet in the air photographing Auburn’s campus from a bucket truck. In my first year, I have made some great memories but I know that the best memories are yet to be!

I was once asked after a photo shoot what I like to do for fun. I laughed because having a camera in my hands is where I find most of my joy. When I am not shooting, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, traveling, and finding new places to explore (and of course photograph!).

Jonah Enfinger
Last updated: March 22, 2022