Jim Jackson

Day Job:
In a sentence, what I do day to day is get paid to brag about Auburn University. I produce videos about one of my favorite places on Earth and work with some of the most creative and talented people on campus. My career path in commercial radio and television led me here in the summer of 1990, and 3/4-inch TV cameras and tape decks were the tools of choice. Today, those tools are all digital but we still put audio and video clips together to help share the Auburn story.

Favorite Auburn Experience:
My favorite memory involves graduation - four ceremonies and counting. Our three children all earned Auburn degrees, and child number four is on his way. I walked across the stage nearly 30 years ago and became the first person in my family to earn a college degree. My first boss at Auburn Mr. Herb White said graduation is one of the great days in the life of a university and a time to celebrate. He's right.

I have a woodworking shop at home and love spending time there. I enjoy working with wood and have a pattern for Adirondack chairs. I use tools handed down to me from both my dad and father-in-law, and it's a great way to think about them while turning out something simple like a chair.

Jim Jackson
Last updated: May 14, 2019