Jennie Hill
Art Design Specialist

Favorite Auburn Experience:
My favorite Auburn memory is hard to pick. I have had so many since I've had the privilege of growing up near, graduating from and working for Auburn University. My most recent is pretty easy - it was only one second, but it's a memory I'll keep for a lifetime. Celebrating on the field with my husband, brother, sisters and close friends was amazing. Oh, and meeting Cam Newton was pretty great too. Did I mention I love Auburn football? War Eagle!

I love to be with my family and friends, and doing anything with my son is the best way I spend my free time. He and I spend a lot of time playing with tractors, trains and trucks. I'm a proud country girl. I live on the family farm, so I enjoy time outside working with our cattle, chickens, garden and other critters.

My creativity at work is spent mostly on my computer, so when I can, I like to do creative things that are more hands-on. I'm learning to sew and I pick out cool craft projects on Pinterest whenever I have a chance. My current craft project is painting a wall mural for my son's room. I also love seeing others' creative talents, so I spend time looking at photography, drawings and design magazines.

Jennie Hill
Last updated: March 22, 2022