Bridget Wyke
Creative Director

Day Job:

The creative team’s job is to elevate the Auburn brand and we work together every day toward three key goals to achieve that objective: define the brand, manage the brand, advance the brand. By working collaboratively across campus to develop Auburn’s brand strategy and positioning (define the brand) we have a basis for creation of brand guidelines, visual assets, resources and processes that achieve consistency and ensure high-quality visual representation across all communications (manage the brand). This then allows us to differentiate Auburn University and engage audiences in a way that genuinely resonates and inspires them to act (advance the brand). Our creative services team provides creative strategy, design, production and project coordination both for university-level communications and for multiple schools/colleges and units across campus.

Greatest Accomplishment:

I’ve had opportunities in my career to help revamp struggling brands and to create new ones. Seeing how those brands are thriving today is really rewarding. But my proudest accomplishment has to be founding and running a small creative agency for more than a decade. Having clients trust you to do their work time and time again is a really cool thing! You hear stories of starting out in garages or basements – well, mine was a basement and my first office chair was a tall cardboard box with a cushion on top, which served me well until the box started to sink in. I knew I was going to make it when I ordered a real desk chair. I’ll never forget the all-nighters I pulled in that chair – the countless lessons learned and the countless cups of coffee.

Favorite Auburn Experience:

I would love to have attended college at Auburn, but growing up I was unsure if I’d be able to go to college at all. Working multiple jobs I made it through, but had to attend closer to home. The day I walked into Samford Hall to work for this university, doing a job I love, I had to pinch myself. Although it was later in life than planned, I made it to Auburn and I have an appreciation for being here that I can’t quite put into words.

Bridget Wyke
Last updated: March 22, 2022