Alexandra Tadych
Art Design Specialist

Day Job:
I have five years of experience in the professional world as a graphic designer. I work within several areas of creative services, including video animation and editing, print and digital design layout, social media graphics and brand asset management for Auburn University. I also work with campus partners to create marketing materials they can use to better promote their unit.

Favorite Auburn Experience:
My favorite Auburn experience is more like multiple Auburn experiences combined.

When I leave work I love to catch the sunset. Auburn has the most beautiful colorful sunsets consisting of orange, blue, pink and gold. Every sunset is unique and picturesque. Auburn sunsets bring me joy!

In my spare time I enjoy jewelry making, running with my husband and walking my dogs. Some of my favorite TV shows are Project Runway, Gilmore Girls and Shark Tank. I love to explore all things creative and find design inspiration from patterns in nature.

Alexandra Tadych
Last updated: March 22, 2022