Undergraduate Research Profile: Joseph Crapet

Your undergraduate research fellowship project is titled “The Effect of Using Hybrid Exoskeletons in Rehabilitation.” Can you give us an overview of the project? What is your role in the research?

Our intention is to determine the effectiveness of hybrid exoskeletons in rehabilitation. Hybrid exoskeletons are simply exoskeletons that use stimulus and motors to help the user move. The idea is that an exoskeleton could help the user repeatedly perform various movements. Which should help them improve motor controls, and bone and muscle density. Currently, I am helping to design an exoskeleton for the user’s arm.

Joseph Crapet
Joseph Crapet

What is it like to work with Dr. Brendon Allen?

I have enjoyed working with Dr. Allen. He has some experience in this subject, so he provides direction during our meetings. He also provides advice about graduate school and is understanding when we are busy with school. I am hoping that we complete our design in the near future.

How did you decide on Auburn for your undergraduate education?

There are a few reasons why I chose Auburn. It was the school my sister went to for her degree, and she had a great experience. She loved the people and made a lot of fun memories, something I hope to get as well. The other reason was that I heard about Auburn’s engineering college.

What does research add to your experience at Auburn?

Research has given me a great opportunity to apply some of the skills I’ve learned at Auburn. Moreover, it is a good way to connect with others in my major and develop teamwork skills.

What are your future research plans?

In the future, I plan to continue working with Dr. Allen on furthering developments within the exoskeleton project. I ultimately hope to continue to develop my skills within engineering research to be able to continue to help others similarly to how we are in my current research lab.

What do you like to do when you’re not involved in research?

When not involved in research, I enjoy clearing my mind through rock climbing and spending time with my friends. I have recently joined the Auburn Climbing Club and have been a member of the Auburn Christian Fellowship for several years. I also enjoy solving puzzles and building with Lego in my free time.