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The bird man

When he arrived at Auburn University in 1993, fresh from postdoctoral work in Ontario, Dr. Geoffrey Hill was “Auburn’s primary bird man,” as he puts it in one of his books. He notes that, among the faculty of Alabama’s major universities, he was the only ornithologist around at the time and took to fielding bird questions from across the state. By that point, though, his interest in birds had already been growing for some 20 years — “literally since I’ve been 11 years old,” he explained.  “I was always a kid fascinated by animals,” Hill added, and he would roam his Kentucky neighborhood with friends, collecting snakes, salamanders and insects. But when he began to learn the basics of bird identification, the bugs and reptiles were soon forgotten.

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Dr. Geoffrey Hill
Quick Take
Dr. James Weyhenmeyer
James Weyhenmeyer

Dr. James Weyhenmeyer serves as Auburn University’s vice president for research and economic development and president of the Auburn Research and Technology Foundation. He provides leadership to various research and economic development units, including sponsored programs, proposal services and faculty support, research compliance, the university veterinarian, electronic research administration, innovation advancement and commercialization, external engagement and support, and university-based start-ups. Dr. Weyhenmeyer has published widely in the areas of cardiovascular disease and stroke. He has been funded by the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, the American Heart Association, the PHARMA Foundation and private industry.

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James Weyhenmeyer, Ph.D.
Vice President for Research & Economic Development
President, Auburn Research and Technology Foundation
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