Gathering Their Bearings
Fall 2019 Issue
Picture of the Fall 2019 Research Magazine cover with a bear on it.
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Cover Story

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Closing Thoughts from the Vice President

James Weyhenmeyer
James Weyhenmeyer, PHD
Vice President for Research and Economic Development

During my first months here at Auburn, I have had the privilege of meeting with faculty members across the university, getting a closer look at the vast array of research and creative scholarship for which our university is well known. What I have seen has impressed me greatly, and I am confident that, working together, we can continue to grow the important research efforts already underway while progressing in fields of study that will be so critical in the future. From artificial intelligence to space exploration to the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape, Auburn will push forward as a leader.

I hope that as you have perused this issue of Auburn Research, you have noticed the breadth and depth of scholarship that earned Auburn its Carnegie R1 designation. But, of course, the research enterprise at Auburn—or anywhere else, for that matter—is not just about numbers.  The work that our researchers do is the work of solving real-world problems, improving the quality of life for citizens in Alabama and beyond, and growing the economy through innovation and discovery. Our research faculty are working to save lives with new disease therapies, protect our environment and continue the legacy of impactful research programs by training the next generation of scholars.

I look forward to helping Auburn significantly expand its research output in the coming months and years, and I know that our state, region and nation will be the beneficiaries of this growth. It is an exciting challenge but one that we are more than ready to tackle. I invite you to stay connected to the unfolding story of Auburn research, in these pages and online, as we continue to find new ways to solve pressing problems and make life better for all.

The Auburn University sign in front of Samford Hall
Last updated: May 20, 2020