RBD Library adds 24-hour coffee vending

Published: September 11, 2023

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Late-night study sessions at Ralph Brown Draughon Library just became more productive with the addition of two new Costa Coffee vending machines on the first floor in the Newspaper Reading Room.

The installation of the two coffee vending machines came about through a discussion of student needs between Dr. Shali Zhang, Dean of Auburn University Libraries, and John David Jones, President of the AU Student Government Association.

“The partnership between AU Libraries and the SGA at Auburn has been nothing short of excellent,” said Jones. “Upon the start of our term, we set a few priorities to improve the student experience, one of which being, ‘Accommodating the recent growth of the student body through providing study spaces for students to pursue academic excellence.’ Quickly, AU Libraries worked to provide new study pods and to fulfill our request to have new Costa Coffee machines located in RBD. These machines provide students with 24/7 service and will continue to advance the student experience in the classroom. We would like to thank Dr. Zhang and her team that worked quickly and effectively to make our goals a reality.”

The two coffee vending machines will fill the coffee gap between when the Panera Bread location in RBD Library closes in the evenings and reopens in the morning. They will make coffee availability in the library truly an every-hour-the-library-is-open service.

Submitted by: Jayson Hill