New headshot booth now open

Published: September 11, 2023

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The Iris Mobile Headshot booth is now open to our students increasing high-quality access to professional headshots. The booth is located in the Auburn University Bookstore and will be open during the bookstores regular operating hours, Monday-Friday.

First and foremost, we would like to thank our AUsome partners! Thank you to the Auburn University Bookstore, for being gracious enough to carve out precious space to host the Iris Booth, and to Norfolk Southern, a wonderful employer partner, champion for student success, and inaugural sponsor of the Iris. Not only are we grateful to Norfolk Southern for their support of this booth, but also for the high-quality internships and early career opportunities they provide to Auburn students across a diverse array of academic disciplines.

The opening of the Iris Headshot booth reinforces the university’s mission to provide an exceptional student experiences that support’s successful student outcomes. The Career Service network at Auburn provides high quality programs and services that support career exploration, career development and readiness, and the building of career connections. We understand the importance of todays digital world and the access to opportunities that live on platforms such as LinkedIn. It is our goal from the Campus Career Closet to this new booth that students at Auburn not only develop into the professionals and leaders of tomorrow, but they do so with confidence in the brand and image of who they are that they are conveying to the world.

Learn more about the headshot booth. 

Submitted by: Staci Sarkowski