Biggio Center hosting Tech Tuesdays

Published: August 17, 2023

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The Biggio Center will host invaluable resources that can significantly elevate course design and accessibility efforts within the Canvas platform.

Design tools course will unlock the potential to efficiently construct Canvas courses while seamlessly refining the visual aesthetics and navigational structure. The design tools course will instruct how to swiftly craft a captivating and user-friendly learning environment for students. By simplifying the process of styling content, participants can ensure a consistent and visually appealing experience that enhances the overall quality of your course.

Ensuring accessibility is a paramount aspect of modern education. Universial Design Online Inspection Tool, or UDOIT, assists in accessibility ally, meticulously scanning your course content to identify any potential accessibility concerns. This powerful tool then provides you with actionable suggestions to rectify these issues, ensuring that your course is inclusive and accessible to all learners.

Both Design Tools and UDOIT collaborate to not only streamline your course creation process but also to bolster the quality, consistency, and accessibility of your course materials.

By incorporating these tools into your teaching toolkit, participants be better equipped to create engaging, visually pleasing and accessible learning experiences for students. 

Submitted by: Nikki Shubert