Cost for required university travel insurance increasing Aug. 15

Published: August 07, 2023

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Auburn University faculty and staff members planning to travel outside of the 50 United States on Auburn business are required to submit a RAT50 form at least 30 days prior to departure and enroll in traveler insurance with Cultural Insurance Services International, or CISI, through the university. Starting Aug. 15, the insurance fee will increase from $2/day to $2.50/day.

This fee increase applies to both Auburn traveler’s and their dependents that are enrolled in the insurance. The Auburn traveler’s fee is paid by their university department’s FOAP account, but they are still responsible for paying their dependent’s insurance premium to Auburn University themselves. In the case that a trip starts before Aug. 15 and continues after that date, the increased rate will be applied to the days on or after Aug. 15.

Any RAT50 submitted before Aug. 15 with travel dates on or after Aug. 15 will show the old $2/day rate on the form until the new rate officially is activated on the form on August 15. The Travel Insurance Coordinator, or TIC, will adjust the rate for Auburn travelers whose travel dates occur on or after Aug. 15, and this adjusted rate will be charged to the traveler’s FOAP and to the Auburn traveler themselves for their dependents.

For a detailed outline of the RAT50 process, review the content below:

An approved RAT50 form is needed for the following reasons:

1. To be insured in Auburn’s International Emergency Travel Insurance, which provides medical and security evacuation benefits.

2. To get a consular letter that describes insurance for any visa appointments abroad.

3. To reconcile purchasing card travel expenses, such as airfare.

4. To submit with your eTravel Voucher, which is used to get travel expenses reimbursed.

To access the RAT50 form:

Go to the AU Access “Employees” tab and select “RAT50” under the “Travel” section. Here you will find instructions and helpful information for completing the RAT50 form as well as the form itself. Once you have read the instructions, please proceed to the bottom of the page, and click “Proceed to RAT50”. Click the tab titled “Add/Edit RAT50” to fill in your RAT50. Travelers going to U.S. DOS Level 3 and 4 destinations must electronically sign a “Risk Agreement” on the “Travel Advisory Level 3 or 4” section of the RAT50 form. If traveling to Cuba, a separate agreement document will pop up for electronic signature. At the bottom of the form, you have the option to “Save and continue or return later”, or “Submit”. Once you hit “Submit”, your RAT50 is routed for approval to your supervisor and then to the TIC.

RAT50 approval:

Once the RAT50 is approved, an email from the TIC,, will be sent indicating RAT50 approval and informing you to expect an email from CISI containing a “Welcome Package” with insurance information, insurance card and consular letter. If you do not see this email in your inbox, please check “Junk Email” and “Deleted Items” folders. To access approved RAT50, select the “Complete RAT50” tab on the RAT50 dashboard (where you originally submitted the form). Here you will see your complete list of trips with an approved RAT50. Select the appropriate approved RAT50 and save a copy for your records.

Traveling with dependents:

Any dependents traveling with you can be insured as well. Simply add the dependent(s) information at the bottom of the RAT50 form. Once your RAT50 is completely approved, you will receive an email from the TIC,, requesting payment for listed dependent(s). Link to make payments. This payment will go straight to the TIC for processing. You can expect an email from CISI with your dependent’s Welcome Package.


If you submitted a RAT50, but never received an email notification, the RAT50 may have gotten lost or accidentally queued to the wrong person. The TIC,, can locate it and let you know if it was queued incorrectly or stuck in someone else’s queue awaiting approval. The TIC cannot approve travel requests, so you need to email whoever is in queue. This helps push the RAT50 along to its final destination.

Non-U.S. citizen traveling to home country on Auburn business:

If you are not a U.S. citizen and plan to travel to your home country on Auburn business, you are still required to submit a RAT50 form.

When is a RAT50 form not used?

1. For travel inside the 50 United States, including Hawaii and Alaska.

2. For students going on study abroad programs: Students are enrolled in International Emergency Travel Insurance though Auburn Abroad,

3. For student athletes and coaches traveling with them: Student athletes and coaches are covered under another type of insurance policy. Contact the Athletics department for more information.

4. For personal travel: If you are taking a personal trip or vacation abroad, do not submit a RAT50. Insurance plans for individual, non-Auburn travel abroad can be found on the web.

For questions related to the RAT50 process, please email

Submitted by: Kalani Long