Privacy week to present 'A message from online privacy threats'

Published: January 30, 2023

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Hey you! Yeah, you! It’s me [insert company name or online hacker]. I know almost everything about you and we’ve never even met. I’ve been tracking your online purchases, what websites you’ve visited and even what you’ve searched for on Google. I know your dog’s name (which also happens to be the answer to your security question), where you went to school, where you ate dinner last night and who you were with.

I know your email address, your birthdate, and where you are going for spring break. I just wanted you to know so you can take appropriate cautions to protect your personal information. Be aware of phishing attacks, social media risks, and identity theft dangers.

Data Privacy Week is Jan. 22-28, which is a good time to check your privacy setting and rethink how and what you share about yourself online. Learn more about how to protect your data privacy online. Contact the Division of Institutional Compliance & Privacy with any privacy related questions or concerns at

Submitted by: Jack Riley Armistead