Biggio Center offering instructors formative feedback on their teaching

Published: January 24, 2023

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The Biggio Center offers confidential teaching feedback and course consultation services to provide faculty with formative feedback about their teaching and their students' learning. Small group instructional feedback, or SGIFs, sessions, our most popular feedback service, are mid-semester student focus groups that offer a rich source of specific, actionable and respectful feedback. These reports can supplement end-of-course evaluations and provide instructors an opportunity to make improvements prior to the end of a course. Other teaching feedback services include course observations and online student surveys.

Biggio also offers a range of Course Consultation services including DEI Consultations, syllabus or assignment review, exam review, Canvas site reviews, recorded lecture reviews and even student evaluations of teaching, or SET, consultations--a confidential service designed to help faculty identify and engage with meaningful feedback that students share in end-of-course evaluation surveys and mute the noise of irrelevant or inappropriate comments.

At the Biggio Center, we believe there are many ways to teach well and that all teaching can be improved. Our teaching feedback and course consultation services are confidential and designed with the sole purpose of helping faculty improve in the areas that matter most to them and to their students. Faculty participants receive a letter documenting and celebrating their commitment to improving their teaching that they can choose to add to their annual review or T&P file.

Visit the Biggio Center website to learn more and schedule a service.

Submitted by: T. Killian Perry