Faculty proposals deadline extended for AUX: Immersive Learning Experiences Grant

Published: January 24, 2023

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OIT and the Biggio Center invite faculty members or faculty teams to submit proposals for the AUX grant program. This is the second AUX grant opportunity follow six faculty grant awards in 2021. All AUX grant recipients strive to support improved teaching and learning at Auburn University through immersive virtual experiences.

Proposals submitted should advance: multi-course or multi-disciplinary learning and teaching, create innovative learning experiences with augmented or virtual reality, equitably increase access to immersive technologies to a broad audience, create repeatable processes for content creation and deployment, or develop research to increase understanding the effectiveness of extended reality in education.

Submissions will be accepted through Monday, Feb. 13, using the Qualtrics-based application.

Those interested in refining their ideas prior to proposal submission may reach out to Asim Ali at asim@auburn.edu. Please visit the AUX website for more information regarding the first grant recipient projects, and to submit your proposal for consideration.

Submitted by: Kelsey Prather