Division of Institutional Compliance & Privacy to host Data Privacy Week Jan. 22-28

Published: January 23, 2023

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To celebrate Data Privacy Week Jan. 22-28, the Division of Institutional Compliance & Privacy is hosting an online scavenger hunt for Auburn University employees to test their knowledge about privacy practices at Auburn.

Employees can complete this five-question digital scavenger hunt by finding the answers on the Office of Audit, Compliance & Privacy website and emailing them to privacy@auburn.edu by the end of January to receive a token of recognition! Visit aub.ie/privacyprogram and see the questions below to get started!

Data Privacy Week highlights the importance of privacy in a digital world. The goal is to spread awareness about the importance of online privacy so that individuals are empowered to manage their personal data and organizations are encouraged to protect user data. Auburn University is a registered 2023 Data Privacy Week Champion with The National Cybersecurity Alliance, or NCA.

AU Data Privacy Week Online Scavenger Hunt:1. Name three of the eight Fair Information Practice Principles, or FIPPs, that guide the proper handling of individuals’ personal data.2. What federal law does the university Policy on the Confidentiality of Student Records, which specifies the process for students to access their educational record and what limited “directory information” may be released without student consent, recognize?3. According to the university Data Storage Matrix, HIPAA-protected health information is classified as what type of data? (Hint: Log in to view the Data Storage Matrix).4. Who should you contact if you suspect a data breach has occurred (personal or sensitive data has been improperly accessed, released or compromised)?5. Before you purchase technology hardware, software, applications, systems, equipment or online services, it must be approved through what process?

Auburn employees who submit their responses to privacy@auburn.edu by Jan. 31 will receive a small item of recognition from the Office of Audit, Compliance & Privacy.

For questions or more information, please contact Kristin Roberts, assistant director, Division of Institutional Compliance & Privacy, at 334-844-4398 or kar0032@auburn.edu.

Submitted by: Kristin Roberts