Aerospace professors play key role in designing, testing prototype aircraft

Published: January 17, 2023

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Imon Chakraborty and Ehsan Taheri, assistant professors in aerospace engineering, are combining their collective expertise to work with Transcend Air Corporation to help develop its Vy400 high-speed vertical takeoff and landing aircraft concept.

Powered by a fuel-burning turboshaft engine, the Vy400 is expected to carry up to five passengers for commercial or private flights at a cruising speed of 405 mph with sustained hover capability.

“We were encouraged by the results that we got in Phase I, which was meant to be a more exploratory phase. Phase II is much more oriented towards development, prototyping, and testing. Now with Dr. Taheri a part of the team, our goal is to demonstrate that the hardware-software interface capabilities that his lab has developed and the flight control architecture developed in my lab can be successfully integrated into this novel subscale configuration and then successfully flight-tested,” Chakraborty, who is the Auburn Principal Investigator for the project, said.

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Submitted by: Joe McAdory