Russell named College of Education’s new associate dean for academic and faculty affairs

Published: January 10, 2023

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Jared Russell, a professor in Auburn’s College of Education, college director of diversity and assistant director of the School of Kinesiology, has been named associate dean for academic and faculty affairs which became effective Jan. 1.

Russell will combine academic and faculty affairs responsibilities into one administrative position, creating greater access to support resources and professional development opportunities for faculty and students.

“The mission of the college is to build a better future for all — with a focus on the word, ‘all',” Russell said. “Our college’s mission focuses on establishing and sustaining a culture of inclusive excellence in our work environment, classrooms, clinical settings, community and beyond. This new role allows me to directly support the preparation of the next generation of leaders who will be committed to, prepared for and most importantly, willing to engage in the innovative and impactful teaching, research and outreach that are essential to establishing environments where all individuals can excel and pursue their aspirations.”

In his new role, Russell will assist the dean and other leaders in strengthening the college's academic programs, supporting and developing its faculty members and facilitating effective college administration.

“Nationally recognized for his administrative leadership and his work on diversity and inclusive excellence, Dr. Russell comes to this role with 20 years of experience serving the university, the College of Education and the School of Kinesiology,” said Jeffrey T. Fairbrother, dean of Auburn’s College of Education and Wayne T. Smith Distinguished Professor. “It is a significant achievement for the college to bring him on board in this role.”

With a focus on student, staff and faculty success, Russell will work with campus partners, including fellow associate deans and administrators across campus, the Office of Inclusion and Diversity, the Career Center and Campus Recreation and Wellness to provide programming and support for initiatives that advance institutional and college strategic goals and objectives.

Russell joined the School of Kinesiology faculty in 2002 after completing his undergraduate degree at Morehouse College in Atlanta and graduate degrees in physical education and sport studies at the University of Georgia in Athens.

In addition to his administrative experience, Russell has an established record of developing partnerships with community organizations and historically black colleges and universities, or HBCUs, in the region. Specifically, he implemented — and exceeded — the “10 in 10” program in 2012, designed to graduate at least one doctoral student from a traditionally underrepresented group every year for 10 years.

He has served on numerous college and university committees, including on the university’s Faculty Senate. Russell also has served as an executive member of multiple professional organizations, including the American Kinesiology Association and the National Association for Kinesiology in Higher Education.

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