Deadline nears for employees to submit information for Market Study

Published: January 06, 2023

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Next Friday, Jan. 13, is the deadline for university staff and administrative and professional, or A&P, employees to submit information for the second phase of the Compensation Market Study.

Staff and A&P employees who have yet to submit this information should refer to the instructional guide that they previously received from their HR Liaison. This guide includes the link to the form that they need to complete. (Each college/division is utilizing a separate link.) Employees should plan on taking 30 to 60 minutes to gather and submit their information.

Why should employees complete the form?

At Auburn, employee pay decisions are made based on credentials they bring to their job as compared to the minimum qualifications required for their position. These credentials, including their previous education and certifications, work experience, and professional recognitions are entered into a tool called Pay Evaluator, which provides a recommended salary range for each individual employee, aiding department leadership in making an appropriate pay decision.

Similarly, for the second phase of the market study, a Pay Evaluator tool will be used to guide department leadership in determining appropriate potential market adjustments for each employee based on information they submit and three years of performance review ratings. Employees must complete the form by Jan. 13 to ensure that they are considered for a market adjustment based on the most up to date information.

If an employee has questions or would like to request accommodations, they should contact their HR Liaison or email