New learning management system to become available for employees

Published: October 06, 2022

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By early November, Auburn employees will have a new tool to elevate their professional development.

ElevatED is replacing Fast-Train as Auburn’s employee learning management system, or LMS. Full-time, part-time and temporary employees will have access to ElevatED.  

The new system will be intuitive and secure, utilizing the Adobe Learning Manager LMS platform. Visit for additional information.

System Transition

Fast-Train will not be available after Oct. 21. Employees must complete each of their enrolled Fast-Train courses by this date, or they will risk not receiving credit for these courses.

As we transition from Fast-Train to ElevatED, please check out the thousands of professional development courses provided through LinkedIn Learning. These courses can be accessed through AU Access.

Once ElevatED launches, employees will receive a welcome email from the ElevatED platform with directions on accessing the system.  

Looking Ahead

In 2023 and beyond, we will continue to enhance the ElevatED learning experience for our employee learners. If you have questions, please email