Auburn Indian Music Ensemble course available

Published: July 25, 2022

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The course explores Indian music with a variety of compositions ranging from classical music to contemporary including folk music. Students from different departments across the university enroll in the course bringing different talents like playing the guitar or singing, some are trying music for the first time while others are quite accomplished. The eclectic mix makes for a fun learning environment. The ensemble features traditional Indian acoustic instruments like Sitar, Harmonium, Tanpura and Tabla, the Indian drums. In class, students get creative with the improvised aspects of Indian music and the spontaneity makes it all the more enjoyable.

"Indian Music Ensemble gave me a perspective that enriched my experience as an anthropology major," said Ed Denton. "Under Mrs.Chaitra Gururaj's direction, I learned to play traditional instruments such as the Mohan veena, tanpura, and swarmandal. Performing with our group on and off campus gave me a unique experience as well as valuable connections to the Auburn community. Indeed, Indian Music Ensemble played an integral role in my identity within the Auburn Family."

Lakshmi Krishnaprasad, a double major in computer Science and Music opined "As a first-generation Indian American, being part of AIME gave me an incredible opportunity to study Indian classical music in a way I hadn’t had the chance to during my childhood. It provided such a warm, welcoming and supportive environment that really helped build my confidence as a musician and helped me connect with a variety of people from different cultural and academic backgrounds."

If you are interested to know more or enroll in the Auburn Indian Music Ensemble course, contact Chaitra Gururaj at the Department of Music.

Submitted by: Natalie Smith

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