Goosby reflects on success of Summer Bridge Program in celebration of its 25th anniversary

Published: July 19, 2022

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For Auburn alumnus James Goosby, the 25th anniversary of the Summer Bridge Program marks a time to reflect on the program’s remarkable impact, longevity and leadership that has contributed to its success.

Goosby was first made aware of the Summer Bridge Program—designed by Overtoun Jenda to help students majoring in STEM fields successfully transition to college—in 1997. As an undergraduate engineering student, he supported Jenda by serving as a program counselor in 1998, and he recently took time to reflect on the program’s success through the years.

The program focuses on academic preparedness, time management, and career awareness for students who have been historically excluded in STEM. Twenty-five years later, the mission of the program has stayed the same, to provide academic and social support that will prepare students holistically for the rigors of STEM.

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