Risk Management and Safety distributes low blood sugar boxes for youth camps and campus

Published: July 12, 2022

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Thousands of children attend youth programs hosted by Auburn University each year. For some participants, it’s the first time they have to manage their blood sugar levels on their own. To help these participants, youth program workers and volunteers who are managing diabetes, and others, Auburn University’s Youth Protection Program has created and distributed low blood sugar kits. These kits are being given to various youth programs at no cost and as a service to participants.

These kits list the symptoms of low blood sugar so that counselors and chaperones can more easily identify the warning signs. Inside the box are instructions to help deal with low blood sugar: Testing blood glucose, eating or drinking fast-acting carbs, waiting 15 minutes and then testing again.

These kits also come pre-supplied with fast-acting carbs: pretzels, raisins, glucose gel and juice; as well as nutritional information for each item.

With the development of these low blood sugar kits, Youth Protection Program is continuing to take a proactive approach in risk management and engaging in unique ways to keep youth protected on Auburn’s campus.

To request a kit, please contact Kim White at youthprotection@auburn.edu.

Submitted by: Kevin Ives