Revisions made to DAEE guidelines and request for proposals

Published: June 30, 2022

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The Teaching Effectiveness Committee, or TEC, is proud to announce revised guidelines for the Provost’s Departmental Award for Excellence in Education, or DAEE.

Previously, the DAEE was structured more as a grant that was awarded based on demonstrated need rather than recognition of a department's achievements. Drawing on feedback from colleges and departments, the TEC has revised the award to better align with its true intent which is the recognition of excellence in teaching and learning. The revisions are intended to provide stronger and more equitable competition by allowing greater flexibility for departments of different sizes and missions to define excellence in education on their own terms. Departments will also be given greater flexibility in determining how award funds will be allocated. As well, the new system provides applicants with meaningful feedback on submissions which will, we hope, make the process beneficial in and of itself.

Of particular note for department leaders is the revised timeline. Submissions will now be due during the Faculty Award submission period June 1-Sept. 16, at 4:45 p.m., and the winning department will be honored at the Faculty Awards Ceremony Thursday, Nov. 17.

For a full description of the award and guidelines, check out the new DAEE RFP, Rubric and Application Template and submit an application using this form.

Submitted by: T. Killian Perry