Harbert College of Business professor wins 2022 Responsible Research Award

Published: June 22, 2022

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A study published by Harbert Eminent Scholar Dave Ketchen and colleagues at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana University and Villanova University has been named one of eight winners of the Academy of Management Fellows 2022 Responsible Research in Management Award. All studies and books on business published between 2018 and 2021 were eligible to compete.

Using data on 4,271 medical product recalls, the study published in Manufacturing and Service Management Operations found that firms with females on their boards of directors initiate recalls of dangerous medical product defects 28-days faster – a 35% reduction in time to recall – than all-male boards. The findings highlight that increasing female board representation is not merely a diversity and inclusion issue, but that having women on a board has tangible benefits for consumer safety and well-being. The study has been covered by the Wall Street Journal, Forbes.com, The Conversation and Pharmaceutical Executive magazine.

A full list of 2022 Responsible Research in Management Award winners and summaries of their findings is available here.

Submitted by: Jack Walker