Parking Services announces annual vehicle registration information for faculty and staff

Published: June 16, 2022

Article body

Upon further consideration, based on the feedback received regarding the 2022-23 campus parking plan, Parking Services is making the following adjustments for faculty and staff members.

The previously identified reserved areas of campus, the Lowder lot and the RBD deck will no longer be zoned as reserved parking. Therefore, these areas will remain unchanged as A-zones.

Regarding the pay-by-space locations, these spaces will be implemented first in the Arena lot only with plans to expand to additional locations in the future.

The new zone locations that will require an annual permit are the Administrative Complex, or Human Resources located on E. Glenn, Campus Safety lot and Pumphrey lot.

Furthermore, an annual A-zone permit will cost $160 annually, and a B-zone permit will cost $80 annually. Payment for the annual parking permits will include a monthly deduction option via payroll. The permit price increase is based upon the need for maintaining current lots and decks and future capital parking projects to improve parking areas on campus. Additionally, Parking Services will conduct an updated parking demand management study to enhance the available options for parking on campus.

In closing, Parking Service would like to confirm, aside from the Administrative Complex, Campus Safety lot and Pumphrey lot, that the already established A, B and student parking zones will not change. We deeply value the feedback received from employees which is the premise of the above adjustments to the 2022-23 campus parking plan.

Submitted by: Kelsey Prather