Commander Crumbley participates in the Tour Divide Ride

Published: June 03, 2022

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For many, a summer holiday is a trip to an amusement park or a day at the beach, soaking in the sun. How about a bike ride around the countryside? Or for bike enthusiasts, how about a bike ride from Canada to New Mexico? That is what Commander David Crumbley has chosen to do this summer.

Crumbley is participating in the Tour Divide Ride, an ultradistance, self-supported mountain bike ride that runs the length of the Rocky Mountains from Canada to Mexico. Organized by the ultradistance cycling and bikepacking communities, the ride is held each year on the second Friday in June. A group of cyclists will congregate for the “Grand Depart” from Banff, Canada. The distance of the Tour Divide is approximately 2,745 miles which is touted to be the longest bike packing route in the world.

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Submitted by: Latha Bhavnani