Becoming the Beloved Community 2022 to explore the intersection of race, religion, art, media and culture

Published: March 31, 2022

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On Dec. 26, 1956, when the United States Supreme Court ruled to stop racial discrimination on public buses in Montgomery, Alabama, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. called for the U.S. to work to “become the beloved community.” To commemorate the life and work of King, Auburn University will host “Becoming the Beloved Community” from April 4-5.

Becoming the Beloved Community, or BTBC, is an annual conference for members of the public, Auburn students, faculty and staff to engage in academic research about cultural and societal trauma triggers. Participants will learn how to listen, as well as share, contextual personal and community stories to help understand why inequity perpetuates discrimination.

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Submitted by: Charlotte Tuggle