Supervisor Pathways registration opening April 4

Published: March 16, 2022

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Since January 2020, more than 300 current and aspiring supervisors have started their Supervisor Pathways journey. The program is already benefitting participants, helping them gain confidence while they develop and enhance their supervisory skills, knowledge and abilities.

What is Supervisor Pathways?

Supervisor Pathways equips supervisors with meaningful knowledge, skills and behaviors necessary to be an effective manager and a developer of others. The Pathways program includes a range of classes designed with Auburn University in mind. Classes are free and open to all faculty and staff over a two-year schedule.

How Does an Employee “Complete the Path?”

1. Attend the mandatory Supervisor Pathways full day orientation.2. Complete 25 classes. A third of the program; it takes at least two years to complete.3. Actively participate in a year-long Community of Practice. A third of the program.4. Complete a Pathways Project that will connect course work and learnings to operations or process improvement in the participant’s current position. A third of the program.

What If the Employee is Not a Supervisor?

Aspiring supervisors are welcome to join the Pathway. Employees who seek a supervisory role work toward Supervisor Pathways certification alongside their program peers over a two-year period.

How Does an Employee Apply?

Registration will open April 4 for the next sessions beginning on May 23 and May 25. There are only 50 spots available for each session, 100 combined, and they will be allotted on a first-come, first-served basis.

After the 100 spots fill, those interested may sign up to be included on a waitlist. Those on the waitlist will be notified by May 1 if they have been placed in a 2022 orientation. If not, waitlisted participants are encouraged to begin taking the courses listed in the Pathway now to build up their transcripts and reapply next year.

Prior to registration, employees should visit the Supervisor Pathways website, review the syllabus and discuss this opportunity with their supervisor. IMPORTANT: An Enrollment Agreement attached to the end of the syllabus is required to enroll.

For more or if an employee has any accessibility needs (e.g., if they would like to review the slide deck in advance), email

Submitted by: Patrick Johnston