Preparations begin for Hill residence halls demolition project

Published: March 07, 2022

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Sidewalk and parking closures are set to start the week of March 7 as the university prepares to demolish the Hill residence halls complex. The demolition project will take place in four phases from spring 2022 to spring 2023.

Phase I will include the demolition of Dobbs, Dunn, Graves and Toomer’s residence halls, which are located at the corner of West Samford Avenue and Duncan Drive. The construction fence will enclose the area immediately surrounding the four halls, as well as a portion of the residence halls’ parking lot and a section of sidewalk along West Samford Avenue.

A map detailing the closure area, alternate pedestrian routes, and location and date of each project phase is located on the Facilities Management Temporary Road and Facilities Closures page.

Submitted by: Martha Gentry