Auburn University Libraries celebrates 25th Anniversary of publication of Harry Potter

Published: March 04, 2022

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Auburn University Libraries has created an exhibit to celebrate the 1997 publication of J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.” The exhibit is located on the first floor of the Ralph Brown Draughon Library and the public is welcome during all hours the library is open.

The first Harry Potter book marked the beginning of one of the most commercially successful book series in publishing history. Rowling’s books have spawned equally successful movie releases along with a host of toys and merchandise.

The exhibit curates the collection of AU Libraries faculty member, Barbara Bishop. Its dozens of books represent only a portion of the more than 80 languages and dialects the book has been published in throughout the world.

The collection also features LEGO Harry Potter sets and novelties built by professor Bishop. AU Libraries leadership fellow Jenny Wang worked with Bishop to set up and label the exhibit.

The Harry Potter 25th anniversary exhibit will be on display in RBD Library until August 2022.

Submitted by: Jayson Hill