Campus Safety and Security provides information about severe weather during Severe Weather Awareness Week

Published: February 23, 2022

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This is Alabama Severe Weather Awareness Week. Campus Safety & Security will be providing the campus community with information about severe weather safety and preparedness through social media (@AuburnSafety). We also have a campus weather station that provides real-time weather data for Auburn University. You can view live weather conditions via the campus weather station powered by Weather Stem.

Three Steps to Safety: Preparing for Severe Weather

Be aware. In the Auburn area, the most common severe weather events are severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, and flash floods. A weather WATCH means conditions are favorable for severe weather and students should monitor the weather. A weather WARNING means severe weather is about to occur or has been detected in the area and there is an immediate threat. Students should take action to protect themselves.

Take action. Students should always be weather aware, monitor the weather more closely when severe weather is possible, and be prepared to quickly move to a safe location. If campus is under a tornado watch, Greene Hall at the College of Veterinary Medicine and the Ralph B. Draughon Library are opened for those needing a more suitable place to seek shelter. Both buildings will remain open for the duration of a tornado watch. If campus is under a tornado warning, classes and university operations are suspended. Campus buildings have designated severe weather shelter areas identified by signs, which are the safest place in each building during a tornado warning.

Stay informed. There are numerous trustworthy sources of weather information that can ensure your student isn’t caught unprepared. To stay informed ahead of time and as severe weather develops, there are numerous apps and other resources, such as Alabama SAF-T-Net (free to Alabama residents, including Auburn students). If a tornado warning is issued that includes campus, an AU ALERT message will be sent. If a tornado or flash flood warning is issued, the National Weather Service will send a wireless emergency alert to all mobile phone users in the area. We also recommend everyone have a NOAA weather radio in their home or apartment.Alabama’s annual Severe Weather Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday will be Friday, Feb. 25 - Sunday, Feb. 27. Use this time to stock up on emergency supplies.

Campus Safety & Security recommends students have:

• Flashlight (other than the cell phone flashlight) with spare batteries• Phone Charger• Weather Radio• First Aid Kit• Fire Extinguisher• Non-perishable food• Can opener (for canned food)• Bottled water

Most of these items are tax exempt during the sales tax holiday.

Submitted by: Brooke Bailey