Biggio Center hosting Summer Course (Re)Design 2022

Published: January 25, 2022

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Since 2015, the Biggio Center has offered Summer Course (Re)Design seminars to support faculty teaching effectiveness, efficiency and student learning. This summer they will offer two sessions in different modalities. The first session offered Monday, May 16 – Friday, May 20, will be face-to-face, and the second will take place online from Monday, June 13 – Friday, June 17. Both seminars will help faculty develop innovative new approaches to teaching in active learning spaces. Applications are due March 18.

After participating in previous seminars, a faculty member notes the following about their experience, "I valued working in teams, and I liked seeing everyone's responses to the different questions. It was important and valuable to be able to see how teachers in other disciplines answered the same questions so that I could get a broader perspective on the topics."

To learn more and apply, go to the Biggio Center’s website.

Submitted by: T. Killian Perry