Students reminded of event policies and procedures

Published: January 24, 2022

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All events held on university owned property that meet the criteria listed in the Campus Events Policy must be submitted to the Campus Event Planning System, or CEPS. Please see a list of the top 10 things you need to know when submitting an event:

1. All events must have a sponsor such as a university unit, college, department, office, organization or venue.

2. The event planner submits the event on behalf of the sponsor and is responsible for all documentation needed for the event approval process and serves as the on-site manager during the event.

3. Always reserve the event location before submitting request to ensure location and time for your request.

4. Requests are submitted using the “Submit an event” link found on the events calendar homepage.

5. When to submit your event:

  • 100 or fewer people, 30 days in advance of proposed event date.

  • 101-500 people, 60 days in advance of proposed event date.

  • 500 or more people, 90 days in advance of proposed event date.

  • Events involving consumption of alcohol, run/walks or minors, 90 days in advance of proposed event date.

6.Do not submit events held off-campus. The Auburn University Hotel and fraternity houses are considered off-campus.

7.Gatherings with attendance of 100 or more with no outside involvement are submitted to CEPS.

8.Meetings and gatherings with attendance less than 100 with no outside involvement and include only Auburn University staff, students, faculty, and administrators are not submitted to CEPS.

9.Outside involvement can be, but is not limited to: a caterer or food truck who comes to campus to set up and serve; a guest speaker or lecturer that is paid; DJ or band that is not a student; party rental companies; and/or minors on campus.

10.Any gathering that involves high risk or competitive physical activity such as swing dancing, yoga, exercise of any kind, run/race, carnival games, attractions and rides are submitted to CEPS.