TigerFlex will be extended into spring, summer semesters

Published: December 14, 2021

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Auburn University Employees,

On Aug. 1, Auburn University launched the TigerFlex pilot program to help determine the future of flexible work arrangements, such as hybrid and remote work, on campus.

Approximately 400 employees are currently participating in the pilot program. Based largely on the program’s early success, the TigerFlex pilot program will be extended through the spring and summer semesters of 2022, and open to new participants. Please read below for additional information.

• Current TigerFlex participants can continue in the pilot program past Dec. 17, 2021, contingent upon supervisor and division leadership approval.

• From Jan. 3 to Jan. 31, the TigerFlex pilot program will be accepting new participants. It is anticipated that another enrollment period will be offered later for those who only want to participate in the summer semester. Employees approved by their supervisor will need to complete the Service-Level Agreement Form.

o The supervisor must first confirm the employee’s ability and approval to participate in TigerFlex, contingent on division leadership support. 

o Important: The supervisor must determine that the job is suitable for flexible work, that the employee can perform the work without a loss of customer service, productivity, etc., and that the employee has the requisite technology and work space to perform the work from a remote location. As a reminder, front-facing units should have at least one employee in the office/department at all times during normal business hours.

o Supervisors should consult their Human Resource Liaison, or HRL, for internal processes required by the division to select and approve new participants.

o Employees who receive supervisor approval will be directed to complete and submit a Service-Level Agreement Form. A link to this form will be emailed to the employee from Auburn University HR.

o Once the Agreement is submitted, the approved participant will receive an email notification of their acceptance into the program, informing them to work with their supervisor to determine a hybrid/remote work start date.

o The earliest date that new participants may begin working in a hybrid/remote capacity is Jan. 18. Departments and units do have the option of delaying the start date based on departmental needs and final approvals.

o Both the supervisor and the employee are required to complete the requisite training and attest that they have read and will follow the Participation Terms and Requirements for TigerFlex, including the Technology Deployment Process.

Important: No decision has been made regarding the future of TigerFlex past the summer semester.

Please email tigerflex@auburn.edu for more information.

Submitted by: Patrick Johnston