Materials engineering student wins Graduate Engineering Research Showcase

Published: November 03, 2021

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Chuanyu Wang has a breakthrough method to detect cancer in its early stages. The graduate student studying materials engineering developed a cutting-edge approach using gold-silver core shell nano-bipyramids and nanorods to form what scientists refer to as a sandwich immune complex, which target tumor-derived and cancer-hastening exomes.

“Nowadays there is cancer therapy we call anti-PD-L-1, but this therapy encounters challenges,” he said. “For example, the patient response rate is low. In this project, we developed for biosensor to sensitively detect PD-L-1, and then we can improve this cancer therapy. We use the biosensor to detect this protein your human bodies, so then it's a good clue for the doctor to use the medicine to kill the cancer.”

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Submitted by: Joe McAdory