Political science student publishes article in public service journal

Published: October 25, 2021

Article body

Jordan Branchman, a junior majoring in political science while concurrently pursuing a master of public administration degree, recently had an article published in The Stennis Public Service Review. His article titled "Philanthropy: Public Service in Democracy" discusses his experience with philanthropy and grant writing in an Auburn University offered course, as well as his inspirational conversation with Alabama legislator, Rep. Jeremy Gray. Branchman describes his unconventional route to public service and how he hopes to encourage others in our democracy to reflect the great empathy found within our nonprofit, public sector.

The Stennis Public Service Review is a student-based journal dedicated to highlighting young people's commitment to public service through their experiences. The journal acknowledges the contribution of young authors to the public service sector and hopes to foster a sense of civic responsibility among the youth of the United States.

Submitted by: Wendy Bonner