SK Innovation and Korea Center-King Sejong Institute host successful job fair

Published: October 20, 2021

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SK Innovation, a SK Group’s holding company in the field of energy, and the Office of International Programs’ Korea Center-King Sejong Institute, or KC-KSI, hosted a job fair on Oct. 14. Five representatives from SK Innovation gave a company presentation and had student meetings throughout the day. A total of 50 Auburn University undergraduate and graduate students attended, with several leaving with job offers. Faculty from Auburn’s Samuel Ginn College of Engineering joined the event as well.

SK Innovation is actively recruiting students for employment at their Georgia plant, as well as possible international opportunities in Europe. Students who could not attend the job fair but wish to explore employment with SK Innovation can visit their website.

“The collaboration with SK Innovation will provide Auburn students with post-graduation employment opportunities and scholarships for students pursuing their graduate degree at Auburn,” said Ellie Lee, director of academic programs, Korea Center-King Sejong Institute. “Furthermore, Auburn faculty will receive opportunities to collaborate with SK Innovations’ research labs across the U.S. and in South Korea.”

The KC-KSI and SK Innovation partnership highlights just one of the many internationalization efforts across Auburn’s campus. Departments and colleges continue to collaborate with international companies and institutions to provide students with global education and employment opportunities.

Submitted by: Kalani Long