Eagle Eye studio named in honor of former student and CNN reporter Chloe Melas Mazza

Published: October 13, 2021

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From Eagle Eye TV to CNN, Chloe Melas Mazza ’08 returned to the Plains on Friday, Oct. 8 for the naming of the Chloe Melas Mazza Eagle Eye Studio.

Raised in Dallas, Mazza knew no one when she walked onto Auburn’s campus. Although she met friends through her sorority, Mazza still felt something was missing. During her sophomore year, Mazza joined Eagle Eye TV, Auburn’s student-run television station.

“Once I joined Eagle Eye, I found my niche and a group of like-minded people,” Mazza said. “I felt at home and that I had truly discovered part of who I was and who I was going to become.”

Today, Mazza is an entertainment reporter for CNN based in New York. Her days consists of writing articles for cnn.com, interviewing various celebrities or researching for an investigation.

Mazza credits Eagle Eye TV with her decision to become a journalist, and she generously gave back to the program that changed her future and Auburn experience.

Half of Mazza’s gift went toward purchasing the first year of CNN Newsource for Eagle Eye TV, and the remainder will benefit the Student Affairs Gift Fund, which is used for Student Affairs areas of greatest need.

Billy Ferris, assistant director of student media, and Mazza overlapped during their time as students in Eagle Eye TV. Ferris recalls Mazza as someone who worked hard, consistently improved and reported a variety of stories.

“Chloe made it possible for Eagle Eye TV to become a CNN Newsource affiliate which has allowed current students to expand their coverage to national events impacting the Auburn community,” Ferris said. “This sets up our current and future students to have every opportunity to succeed and reach their potential.”

Eagle Eye TV was Mazza’s first opportunity to use online editing software, and the studio where she learned how to pitch stories, read a teleprompter and become more comfortable in front of and behind a camera. She remained part of the student-run organization until she graduated.

The lessons Mazza learned from her tenure at Eagle Eye TV had a significant impact on her career.

“It was such an invaluable experience and I look back on that time as one of the best parts of my Auburn experience,” Mazza said. “My time at Eagle Eye brought me a lot of joy.”

With the Eagle Eye studio now holding Mazza’s name, she hopes it reminds students that anything is possible.

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Submitted by: Payton Beck