Baby Steps at Auburn providing services for pregnant and parenting Auburn students

Published: September 28, 2021

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Baby Steps empowers college students at Auburn University to have thier education and their babies by providing housing, support and community.

Baby Steps provides the following for pregnant and parenting Auburn University students living in their home at no cost:

  • Housing 

  • Transitional housing (once a baby is 18 months or older housing is offered at half cost)

  • Childcare 

  • Educational support (tutoring, career advising, etc.)

  • Resources for education grants and scholarships

  • Parenting skills (childbirth, child development, sleep training, etc.)

  • Life skills (mentorship, time management, budgeting, nutrition, counseling, etc.

  • Support, and Community that instills confidence in our moms’ abilities to be successful mothers, students, and college graduates

Pregnant and parenting students have rights. Title IX ensures that any university that receives federal funding cannot discriminate against students who are pregnant and/or parenting. For example, if a student becomes pregnant and chooses to stay in school, the school cannot use the student’s pregnancy as a reason to terminate or reduce that student’s athletic, merit, or need-based scholarships. Likewise, if a student misses class due to pregnancy, childbirth, or other related conditions, the school must allow the student to make up the missed work and provide the appropriate information to complete assignments. (Information from Pregnant on Campus Initiative)

For more information regarding rights as a pregnant or parenting student, contact Auburn University's Title IX Coordinator or visit The Pregnant Scholar. Student-athletes can visit NCAA's website for information pertaining specifically to them. 

If a student has just found out that they are pregnant, they are most likely experiencing a multitude of emotions - fear, confusion, doubt and uncertainty. Baby Steps is a safe place for them to come exactly as they are. We realize there are many outside pressures to make certain decisions during this season. We want to provide the time and space to decide what is truly best for you. We are here from the very beginning to walk alongside them, whatever they may need, whether that is simply an ear to listen, someone to accompany them to an appointment, or help gaining resources to navigate through this journey.  

Submitted by: Sara Hilbun